Three ways to get started with Power Automate in Windows 11

With this release Microsoft have made it easier to start your automation journey in Windows 11 with access to Power Automate from the Start menu, a new guided in-product experience to build your first desktop flow, greater admin controls that are coming soon with Data Loss Prevention for RPA, availability in the Microsoft store, and more. You can read more about these updates in the deep dive blog post here.

Outlined below are three ways to start thinking about how to automate and get started with ease from your Windows desktop.

3 Ways to start thinking about how to automate with ease.

  • Launch Power Automate in Windows 11

    Power Automate is now built-in from the Start menu in Windows. To get started, you can search for “Power Automate” in the Windows 11 start menu, click the icon, and log in with a Microsoft account or a work or school account.

  • Build your first automation

    Watch and take advantage of the great tutorials on Microsoft Learn and follow a series of sessions for Power Automate desktop to build a desktop flow and watch this video series on building desktop automation in Power Automate.

More and more users are simplifying their workloads with Power Automate every day. Microsoft are excited for this next step in the automation journey and encourage you to read the Power Automate deep dive blog post, the getting started documentation, and the Power Automate web page.

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